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   Art always has a passion for entertainment. His heroes were not sports icons but were men like Disney, Houdini, Edison and the comics of the early 20-30’s. With this passion Art attended College with the assumption of being in the entertainment Industry. By the Time he graduated College he had 5 degrees under his belt in Marketing, TV/ Radio Production, Humanities, Advertising and Digital Media Arts. After years of working at Z-100 radio, WOR-TV,CBS, NBC, Bell Labs and brief work out with TV and film companies he applied this training within the Night Club & Bar Industry.  Art worked up the ranks and topped as the Food and Beverage Director at the prestigious 5 star hotel The Miami Biltmore.  There he obtained training in the food and beverage areas and even took course at the Miami Johnson and Whales.


   Returning back to Jersey Art became a bartender and then the marketing director for Poor Billy’s, Woodbridge. It was here that he made a mark in the industry creating some the top bar and club promotions of the day. Written up 17 times in Nightclub & Bar Magazines within a 3 years period gave him the momentum to start his own production company in 1990 called Wiseguy Promotions.

   Now with a collected staff of 6 Wiseguy Promotions took on the NJ industry with offering MC and DJ’s and introducing Velco Jumping, Human Bowling, Sumo Wrestling and more to the Jersey Market. The company also created catchy club promotions and theme parties which are still being used today.

Art believes in brand extension, the company has expertise in MC/DJ’s, Theme Parties, Trivia shows food and beverage consultation  and recipe and menu design. The company under Art’s direction is still going strong and in 2020 will be celebrating its 30 year anniversary!

With The opening of Wiseguy Promotions Art has been employed by some of the best establishments in New Jersey:

Taj Mahal, Bar Anticipation, The Headliner, Resorts, Trump Plaza, Club Abyss, Poor Billy’s, MVP’s, Mister East, Park East, Central Park, MJ’s, Big Shots, The Birch Hill, Planet Hoboken, The Hop’s, Jimmy’s, Shout and more….

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