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Our Robots are custom made to our specs, design and direction. We have over 15 different types of styles ranging from 6 to 10 feet tall. They can offer an array of thousands of remote controlled multi colored lights; Some contain shooting lasers, TV’s in the chest, laser helmets, talk boxes, confetti launchers, sirens and more. We even have robots that play the drums called BeatBots a robot that flies around the room on a Segway vehicle known as the Robot Rover and even a Robot that is a photographer, a living moving photo booth!


Show is 45 mins. to one hour long (additional Time can be applied for additional fee)

A entertainer, robot and Technical assistant will perform within your selected time period engaging with party attendees. They will dance, interact and take photos with guests. A sound program can be supplied by us or by your accompanied DJ service. At the end of the event we do a final exit and break down and leave.


We will come to your event one hour before show time. A room or changing area and parking must be provided for us. You must communicate with us the height of your venue ceiling and what effects are allowed and what are not.

Additional travel time will be added to any show that is one hour outside our working range and for Travel in NYC due to parking, traffic Restrictions and Bridge and Tunnel fees.


  1. Pick a robot style, color and helmet

  2. Pick equipment from our arsenal:

  3. Pick time frame you would like us to be there

  4. Let us know what effects are allowed and what are not

  5. Plan your date and time

  6. Confirm with us 24 hours in advance of confirmation and changes

  7. Enjoy the show


Arsenal FX :

Pick any or all of the following items to add to your show. Additional cost will be added to our base cost.

  • Co2 guns                     Lasers                                  Snow                           Glow in Dark Package

  • Foam sticks                Streamer cannons             Bubbles                      Drums

  • Glow Necklaces         Confetti Guns                     CO2 jets                     signed 8x10 photos of robot

  • Robotic Voice Box    Cold Sparks                         Co2 Box                      fog

  • Strobe Rings               Dry Ice machines (Gas)     TV in Chest/ Logo   video capture



  In The past Wiseguy Promotions had a party division known as Animal Crackers. A company that offered face painting, balloon animals, costumed characters magicians and clowns. As the years past it is sad to say that Clowns and Magic kids shows have declined and there were issues using licensed character costumes such as Barney, Sesame Street Stars and Disney Characters. However Parents still wanted to provide their children with some form of Birthday show or appearance that was not crazy in price and was up to date.

  Quazar Robots & Effects is created in 2010 to meet those demands; We have over the course of time have established a replacement company to suit this need: Are robots are high tech projects that light up, move, shoot CO2, lasers, confetti , tissue streamers and more. They are great for photo ops, grand openings parties, street fairs and conventions;

  In 2012 Founder Art Wolfarth Joined forces with Izzy of Diverse Entertainment to be the first company to bring Our Robots to the Wedding, Bridal shows and sweet 16 events. We offered the first all white robot just to handle and support our weddings clients. In 2016 we expanded with Adam of AJH Entertainment to capture the camps and Bar mitzvah markets. These robots are known as Camper Glow and Glowbots. We now have over 16 styles and concept robots and travel the north east area from Delaware to Rhode Island.

Call us to have us work on a party with you!




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